Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Noon Year's Eve

We rarely stay up until midnight on New Year's Eve, but just because Jeff and I are party poopers, it doesn't mean our boys should miss out. One of the big things now is "Noon Year's Eve". Celebrations at noon for the kids. We went to the one at the Living Planet Aquarium today and took Noah and Shayne along for the ride.


We finally got some good snow (on Christmas!) and decided we needed to make use of it. Ten minutes into our adventure, Aidan face planted it and got a bloody nose. Awesome. But over all it was a lot of fun. We did have one of our sleds stolen, so I didn't get to sled, but it was still fun.

Christmas at Mom's

Christmas Morning!

It's Christmas!! The boys both got the gifts at the top of their lists and bacon and eggs to top it off before heading to mom's.

A few thoughts...

This Christmas has been different from the last few years. Everyone has been in good mental/physical health, everyone has been employed at a good job. It is the first year I haven't stressed at Christmas and I have enjoyed it so much. The month has passed quickly but smoothly. The boys have been happy. Now looking at what we have been able to do for the boys and the stress free month I have had, I am able to just sit and be thankful. It really has been a great year.

Christmas Eve

Aunt Jane and Uncle Ted were in town for Christmas, so we went to Grandma's for a lovely pot roast dinner and Christmas bingo! Aidan wasn't feeling well so when we got home, they opened their gifts from Uncle Michael and headed to bed. I slept downstairs with them and actually slept about 2 full hours. I was so excited. so uncomfortable...but I loved it!

Nana and Gramps

Nana and Gramps came to visit the week before Christmas. The day they flew in was also the night of Aidan's school Christmas Choir concert (in which he killed it!). They also took the boys to a movie and we had "Christmas" early with them to exchange gifts as well. It was a really great visit!